"Gangi Studios has been using I-Trap™ for about a year and a half. We are quite pleased with the performance of this critical software. Before I-Trap, we trapped everything manually in Illustrator, Quark and Photoshop. It was very laborious and frustrating. We're glad those days are over! As a large format screen printer, we cannot get by with the tight traps that are common in the world of litho print. I-Trap allows us to create the traps we need for our larger registration tolerance. We are able to create stay away's for white knockout text, as well as trapping line work to CT's, or CT's to line work. The "On The Fly" feature is especially helpful to get an accurate preview of traps in critical areas of a file without having to wait for the entire file to process first. The trapping is quick, depending on file size, and it works extremely well with our Harlequin RIP software. The operator has several choices available to him/her to achieve optimal results, such as which colors to trap, which direction to trap them and what size. Scott Macartney says: "We at Gangi Studios look forward to I-Trap's continued use in our busy production workflow. We also look forward to future upgrades, such as the Ink Re-Mapping feature, which sounds like it will further expedite our pre-press flow."
- Scott Macartney, Pre-Press Manager Gangi Studios Inc. www.gangistudios.com North Hollywood CA 91601
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- Mike
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